What is Ruche?


Ruche is a smart shelving unit designed to be different. It has a distinctive geometrical shape that contributes to its stability and strength. It is available in two materials, three sizes, and four colors. Delivered in a convenient flat package and made with particular attention to high-quality, low-impact materials and manufacturing. Ruche shelves have a low carbon footprint and "Piece of Cake" simple assembly that does not require any tools or special skills. It's easy, smartly designed and beautifully finished. 



What do people say about the Ruche?


- "What I really love about my ruche is how different it looks. A good different... And it fits well the stuff that i would usually just make a mess with by just putting it anywhere on my office table. So yeah its great!!" Bernardo, Brazil.


- "I was surprised to see a really small package. I couldn't believe that 5 minutes later I would place a beautifully designed piece of furniture in my living room." Shane, CA. 


- "The fact Ruche is environmental friendly is very important to me. I also appreciate the idea behind it, using a perfect shape and design it into a shelving unit. Ruche's slogan represent it well: Its simple, strong and smart." Moria, NY.


- "Elegant, strong and beautiful, the Ruche shelving unit is a positive addition to my spartan office." David, Israel.

large aluminum black shelving unit



Ruche is inspired by the bee hive shape.


It is made of flat sheets that together make hexagonal and triangular shaped cells. The structure, made from only regular shapes, is isostatic and therefore is extremely strong and can resist massive loads.


Ruche is made of 12 flat, numbered parts, and is easily assembled to a strong and solid three-dimensional shelving unit in just a few minutes. 

large recycled cardboard shelves furniture



Ruche is available in 2  materials:


High quality, recycled double-layered factory-reinforced cardboard, digitally printed and cut to shape. Lightweight, environmentally friendly and beautifully crafted! 




Laser cut aluminum with powder coat paint guarantees extremely long product life and a beautiful finish with a variety of colors. 



Ruche comes in 3 sizes, so it can serve you for endless different purposes. Here are some suggestions but we would love to see and hear what you would do with it. Send us pictures!


The Small size makes a beautiful kitchenware installation, is great as a desk organizer or could even be placed as one of your bathroom utilities.


The Medium size is perfect to hang on the wall and could be a shoe rack, a book shelf or a display unit.


The Large size is a full size furniture. It could serve you as a library, a home bar or a storage and display unit.  



Cardboard Ruche comes in a black, gold, chrome and B&W pattern printed on recycled cardboard.  


Variety of colors of powder coated aluminum Ruche :



- Satin black


- Soft white 


- Bluebericious 


- Natural silver


- NY taxi yellow 


- Army grey and more

shelves in different colors and finishes


 Why Ruche?


Ruche is a unique shelving system that does not look like anything else you've seen.


It has countless different applications.


It is eco sustainable because we only use recycled and recyclable materials and because we insist on flat packages that are easy to transport. This is our way to reduce our carbon footprint.


Though it is delivered disassembled,  putting it together is so easy and quick that it will make you feel like a proper handyman or handywoman. Yes, we even thought of your self esteem!